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The Launchpad Tanzania is a not for profit organisation established in 2017 with a mission to work at the intersection of Sutainable Development and Youth and Women’s inclusion and Development through Capacity Building and Advocacy.

Our programs focus on economic development through skills development training and enterprise support, digital inclusion through digital skills training, youth and women’s participation in the digital economy and advocacy on digital rights.

Through our dedicated arm on digitalization, LP Digital, We use technology as an enabler and tool to develop content that shifts narratives around youth and women’s challenges and opportunities in the digital age.

In advocating for digital rights, online safety is a particular area of focus for us where we have developed an infrastructure to support victims and survivors of online gender based violence with a full running helpline and linkages to legal and psychosocial support.

Some of our projects include the Women at Web Tanzania - On Online Safety and Advocacy for Women’s Digital Inclusion, Digital Tanzania Project on digital skills & the digital economy for women, Dijito na Mimi Fellowship Program, which is on Digital Citizenship, SheTech Accelerator Program which is on supporting women and girls to become designers and innovators of digital solutions and #SautiZao, a digital citizens engagement platform (civic tech) for promoting and protecting youth and women’s voices online as part of their essential freedoms, and the more recently launched Women and Technology platform.

Nevertheless, In the spirit of building and supporting communities of Youth and Women, we also provide co-working space for Youth and Women.

Our Team

Carol Ndosi

Co-Founder, Managing Director & Project Lead

Angella T.R Karashani

Director of Programs

Warda Hemed Mansoor

Creative Director


Years of Experience

Lp Digital

At LP Digital, we believe that the key to sustainable progress lies at the intersection of youth empowerment, women’s advancement, innovation, and sustainable development. Our theory of change is rooted in the transformative power of digital inclusion. By providing capacity-building programs and robust advocacy, we aim to bridge the digital divide for youth and women, enabling them to harness the potential of technology for personal and community growth. We envision a world where every young person and woman has equal access to digital tools and skills, fostering an environment of innovation and sustainable development. Our approach is not just about equipping individuals with technological skills; it’s about cultivating leaders and change-makers who will drive social and environmental progress. Through our programs, we advocate for policies that support digital inclusivity, ensuring that these vital resources are accessible and beneficial for all, paving the way for a more equitable, innovative, and sustainable future.

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