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    We support digital inclusion by co-designing and running programs that provide capacity building in digital rights, digital literacy, digital citizenship and digital skills in demand.

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    We offer mental health support, accelerate online harassment cases and connect victims with our partners for legal aid and access to justice.

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LP Digital is a specialized arm on Digital Inclusion of The Launchpad Tanzania which is an NGO established in 2018, with the mission to support Human Capital Development in Tanzania. LP Digital, a key player in Tanzania’s digital landscape, operates at the nexus of youth, gender, digital inclusion, and sustainable development. Our three core pillars are:

1. Capacity Building: We offer training programs and digital learning focused on in-demand digital skills,enterprise support and digital literacy. Our initiatives are tailored for youth and women, also nurturing their digital solutions through incubation and strategic linkages.

2. Digital Rights and Safe Online Spaces: We are committed to creating, advocating for and maintaining safe and secure digital environments. We use technology as an enabler and digital platforms to promote and protect youth and women’s voices online.

3. Advocacy and Awareness: Using the power of mobilizing and digital storytelling, Our efforts in these areas serve as benchmarks for the digital inclusion of youth and women, aligning with Tanzania’s Development Vision and the Digital Transformation Framework.

Our approach aims to foster a thriving and safe digital economy, emphasizing safe online spaces, job creation, employment, and opportunities in the digital sector.

Digital Skills

Digital Skills & tools

Digital Rights & Citizenship

Rights, Safety, Security, Law, Etiquetes

Digital Advocacy

Digital storytelling, Digital Gender Gap

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Dijito Na Mimi
Limited Series

The number of options, such as online enterprises, freelancing, content production, digital marketing, etc., has significantly expanded thanks to digital platforms. Someone with a broad variety of digital skills is needed to fully explore this potential.

Due to the accessibility of digital options and the high unemployment rate, LP Digital has made it a priority to ensure that Tanzanian women and youth take full advantage of these chances. The limited-series Dijito Na Mimi was created with the intention of educating women and young people about the benefits of using digital media for entertainment.

The six episodes of the Dijito na Mimi limited series each have a different theme, such as digital skills, content creation, digital safety, digital marketing, or freelancing.

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